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Svelte Kit migration experience


Svelte Kit experience

The Svelte Kit is great tool to build websites with but it is still in development so there are big caveats.

The one big caveat to me was, a update how the routing system works. So that made me to rewrite big part of the site. Basically I started over and just copied the base of the pages but I did change how loading of the blogposts is working.

Migration tool

There was migration tool that should make the migration easier. Well it helped me to understand the changes but still needed to rework everything manually. The most helpful was the documentation to the migration. See migration guide.

The best blog in the world

No, it’s not this one 😂, it’s the Josh Collinsworth’s blog.

His guide/tutorial to building SvelteKit blog came again in clutch moment because he updated his guide to include the new changes.

Link to the guide.

The first time I did wrote this blog, I used his guide to make the blog part of this page. Now when I needed to update the site he had updated it, what a champ.

The stuff that wasn’t in the guide

I wanted to put my markdown blogposts outside of src folder so it does not interfere with source code (it just looks neat). But I have a lot of issues accessing the files outside src folder, first MDSVEX didn’t want to compile the files outside src and Vite did also complaint about the files outside.

Josh Collinsworth’s method from his guide about the API way did work and I successfully used it. But, TypeScript did always complain about the types (or lack their of). I ignored it. Well, until I wanted from the API to return the blogpost content itself not just list of them. Then the TS bite me in the a$$, Josh mentioned on the blog there was some magical default.render() function, but I couldn’t access it (at least I didn’t know how, MDSVEX has sadly a pretty bad documentation). And I was missing types so the VS code was not helpful.

Then I find this issue on Github that totally solved mine.

This was the part of the code I was stuck for so long (relatively speaking). This answer described the types I needed to know what I can call and what to return (I don’t know how you JS guys doing this). Then I just changed it to return raw html so I can easily pass it in API call.

### Here is mine implementation to get all blogposts

const allPostFiles = import.meta.glob<{
	metadata: Record<string, string>;
const iterablePostFiles = Object.entries(allPostFiles);

const allPosts = await Promise.all( ([path, resolver]) => {
		const { metadata } = await resolver();
		const postPath = '/blog' + path.slice(10, -3);

		return {
			meta: metadata,
			path: postPath

allPosts.sort((a, b) => {
	return Date.parse(b.meta['date']) - Date.parse(a.meta['date']);

Netlify why you doing this to me?

Imagine this:

You finish working on the rewrite, everything builds and works flawlessly on your local machine. You push to the repo, make PR, netlify bot starts build and checks. The build finishes with success, you access the preview page open it and…

Error - Cannot find package 'stream' imported from /var/task/.netlify/functions-internal/render.mjs

F-that. Thats all I can say… well, lets go googling.

Funny thing is, that all I can find is about this issue, that it was resolved last year (or months can’t remember) when Netlify updated default Node.js to 16+ version. After who knows how long search, I found the solution. It was simple (as always it is 😑).

Drumroll please… the solution was to use edge functions with Netlify, source. I could’t believe that this was it.

Screenshot of the solution


Well thats it, the blog is updated and running. At least until new big update…

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