Some of my personal projects

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Personal Web

This personal web

  • Tech stack: SvelteKit, Tailwind, Typescript.
  • Hosted on: Netlify.
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Open RMM

Open source Remote Machine Management


I hope this will be self-hosted service for Management and Monitoring of Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Tech stack (not everything is set in stone):
  • API: Typescript, Postgres, Node, Express, Prisma, Zod
  • Web: SvelteKit, Tailwind, Typescript, Prisma, Postgres
  • Agent: Rust, eventually Tauri for GUI
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Inventory and work in progress tracking web app


Proof of concept app with UI inspired by Trello. UI optimized for PC and mobile. Able to add, edit and search for computers and to update their WIP status. Barcode scanner is integrated in the web app for easy check in and out of computers. Azure AD login is integrated with the web app.

  • Tech stack: SvelteKit, Tailwind, Typescript, Prisma, Postgres
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Powershell batch video file converter

Script to batch convert videos to multiple formats (HEVC, Cineform) - may be useful for someone


Powershell script to batch convert of all videos in folder to multiple formats (HEVC, Cineform) Usually I am using conversion to Cineform for speedup editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and HEVC conversion using NVENC encoder to reduce size of video files.

Images 2 Video

Create slideshow from images

Fork of sashee/images2video so you are able to make slideshow from IMGs


NodeJS script for rendering Images to slideshow video. Removed other algos for simplicity and updated to render in 60FPS and 1 sec crossfade.

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